Iittala Birds By Toikka Flycatcher Recycled Edition
Iittala Birds By Toikka Flycatcher Recycled Edition
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Birds by Toikka, Finnish design legend Oiva Toikkas iconic collection of glass birds, took flight in 1972 at the Nuutajrvi glass factory. Created in close collaboration with the glassblowers, the collection combined Toikkas passion for nature and blown glass art. In 2014 the production of the series was transferred to the Iittala Glass Factory, where Toikka continued his close partnership with the team. Each bird is handcrafted and mouthblown, making it a truly unique art object.

Relaunched from the 1970s, the Birds by Toikka Flycatcher soars to new heights with Iittalas new recycled edition. The small mouthblown glass bird is made of 100% recycled glass produced entirely from waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory. Mixed coloured glass results in a beautiful variation of blues and greens that reflects light beautifully. A beautiful home accessory that makes a precious collectors item. A thoughtful gift.

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