Lalique Safran Mashhad Scented Candle, Saffron Iran
Lalique Safran Mashhad Scented Candle, Saffron Iran
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Size: H: 3 3/4" x D: 3" 6.5oz

Saffron is said to come from the Middle-East and is rightly nicknamed "Red Gold": it is indeed the worlds most expensive spice. Saffron is widely used in the Persian cuisine, but its various facets unfold in other fields: saffrons coloring properties were already known to prehistoric artists and the first references to its unique scent are written in the Bible

The Fragrance-Saffrons dry smell evokes hay; in this composition, leathery and woody notes dress saffron up in a warm, dark costume. A mysterious symphony to take you on the road to the Orient.

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