Lalique Ziela Panther Lost Wax
Lalique Zeila Panther Lost Wax 20", Limited Edition
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Item# 10071600
Size: L 19.69" x W 3.66" x H 5.91"
Limited edition of 12 pieces! It takes 3 to 4 weeks to produce the clear Zeila using the Lost Wax technique: this time frame cannot be reduced. Long, painstaking cutting and engraving work is needed to remove all seams, crizzling and creases. Only the talent of the cold end glassmakers will eradicate these defects one by one. Every one of Zeila's markings is reworked manually. Manual polishing to restore light and sparkle to all parts of Zeila that have not been rubbed down provides contrast between the clear and matte parts.

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