Lalique Crystal, Naiades Crystal Clock, Clear
Lalique Crystal, Naiades Crystal Clock, Clear
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Size: 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"

A major source of inspiration of Lalique Crystal since its origins, the female was both the object and the subject of Rene Laliques masterpieces. Daring for that period, he used the female form as a means of ornamentation, following the example of the Renaissance artists. An ode to feminine beauty, Lalique Crystal's craft plays with satin-finished crystal to evoke the velvety texture of skin. It is said that some nights, in the moonlight, water nymphs dance in the waves and at dawn, they hide from men. The purity of crystal highlights the nymphs waving their hair studded with beads of water. As if weightless, their figures undulate, revealing an overwhelming sensuality.

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