Lalique Manifesto By Zaha Hadid 18" Vase, Black
Lalique Manifesto By Zaha Hadid 18" Vase, Black
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Size: 18"
The Manifesto Crystal Vase by Zaha Hadid reflects this language through crystal. It displays innate, fluid lines which seem to have a life of their own. Superbly displayed in crystal, they are enhanced by the contrasting satin and polished finishes characteristic of LALIQUE.

Zaha Hadid explains how she follows the example of RenLalique Crystal, a fervent admirer of the natural world: We oftenobserve nature in order to create an architectural work. Theelegance, cohesion and beauty of the natural world are agenuine source of inspiration to us.Manifesto by Zaha Hadid is an architectural work in crystal.The numbered edition is available either in clear crystal a majestic sculpture of light or in black, which lendsmysterious depth to this work of contemporary art.

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