Lladro Batman, Limited Edition
Lladro Batman, Limited Edition
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Size: H: 16.929" W: 17.323" L: 13.386"

Coinciding with his 85th birthday, and in collaboration with Warner Bros- Discovery Global Consumer Products, we are unveiling Batman TM x Lladro, a portrait in porcelain of the legendary superhero in a limited edition of just 500 units. The mythical caped crusader, created by the US publishers Detective Comics in 1939, is the focus of this handcrafted porcelain creation which recreates Gotham Citys iconic avenger in minute detail.

The Dark Knight is the alter ego of the multimillionaire Bruce Wayne and took his inspiration from bats to create his famous disguise. He wears a cape imitating bat wings, a mask, the bat symbol on his chest and sophisticated gadgets, like his famous utility belt.
Limited Series of 500 units


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