Lladro Spanish Pure Breed, Haute Ecole
Lladro Spanish Pure Breed, Haute Ecole
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Spanish Pure Breed - Haute Ecole is a porcelain sculpture in a limited edition of 500 units which depicts one of the worlds most prestigious horse breeds with utmost faithfulness and anatomical precision. In a spectacular demonstration of control over sculpture, this beautiful creature is elegantly executing a courbette, one of the classic Haute cole dressage movements. The decoration is another of the highpoints of this exquisite piece: all the horse tack, including the harness, bridle, saddle and blanket are richly ornamented with golden luster, while the bit and stirrups are made in gold-plated brass and the reins and stirrup straps are natural leather. The intense blue and gold that dominate the coloring of the adornments contrast with the whiteness of the skin, rendered with extraordinary detail that further heightens the sense of realism.


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