Marquis by Waterford Crystal, Brookside Crystal Iced Beverage Glass, Set of Four
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Item# 150281
Size: 8 3/8 h 3w 12oz
The Brookside pattern from Marquis by Waterford Crystal, features a timeless appeal and boosts the brilliant clarity and substantial weight of Crystalline. Crystalline is a term that refers to high quality glass, without lead content. The crystalline still has substantial weight and clarity, similar to crystal. In fact, when looking at the same piece, made in the 2 different materials, it is very difficult to tell the difference between them. However, crystalline is not acid polished, like crystal, as the acid does not favorably affect the crystalline, due to the lack of lead content. Therefore, crystalline (when cut) is flame polished, to clean the grey frosted cuts, to leave them clear and sparkling. This leaves the polished product looking very similar to crystal. 12 oz. H: 8 3/8, W: 3

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