Nambe Metal Cookserv Fry Pan 10"
Nambe Metal Cookserv Fry Pan 10"
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Item# MT1112N
Size: 10"

The versatile 10-inch Fry Pan features curved sides, which help retain moisture, making this a fabulous pan for simmering vegetables, braising baby artichokes, or even cooking breakfast grains. The 5-ply stainless steel construction has an aluminum core for fast, even heat distribution, and the corrosion-resistant, non-reactive, stainless steel interior surface won alter flavors. The exterior layer is composed of magnetic stainless steelreat for all types of cooktops. A fabulous Nambe exclusive piece that is attractive enough to be taken directly from the stovetop to the tabletop, where it can be used as a beautiful serving piece.

Nambe Alloy Metal Polish Kit
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Item# 902N
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