Orrefors Crystal, 2019 Christmas Ornament, Snowflake
Orrefors Crystal, 2019 Christmas Ornament, Snowflake
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Size: H: 3" W: 2 3/4"

Orrefors annual 2019 ornament is a snowflake! This clear Orrefors Snowflake Ornament was designed by Erika Lagerbielke and sparkles in the sun's light or next to other holiday decorations.

This keepsake ornament hangs from a scarlet ribbon and is packaged in an Orrefors ornament gift box - perfect for gift giving. Dated 2019.

Snowflakes will fall and they are always unique. Beautiful little bits of ice crystal dancing through the air. Orrefors 2019 Annual Snowflake ornament will glisten and sparkle year after year. Ideal for the holiday season as a gift or an addition to your Orrefors collection!


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