Ralph Lauren Paxton Mix Box Set
Ralph Lauren Paxton Mix Box Set
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Size: 334x312x380mm

An exquisite mix box inspired by Ralph Laurens Bugattis, from the 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic to his Veyron Super sport. The interior wood work, shiny black exterior, and black leather interior from his 1938 Bugatti serve as reference for the handle on the box, black leather tufted interior and black lacquer sides. The face of the box is black carbon fiber much like the body of the Veyron. And like the Ralph Lauren Automotive collection of watches the interior is also lined in burl wood. The leather wrapped coasters in the door are much like the center of a steering wheel with the "RL" logo stitched onto it. The silverplated barware components have knurled edges to mimic automotive parts and our classic Broughton crystal fits in great with this look.

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