Riedel Sommeliers Blind Blind Tasting Glass
Riedel Sommeliers, Hand Made, Blind Blind Tasting Glass, Single
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Size: H: 8-7/8" Cap: 13-3/8oz.

Celebrating Riedel Sommeliers Glass Collection 40th Anniversary!

Riedel has introduced a jet-black glass called the Blind Blind Tasting Glass. In addition to concealing wines' grape, type, region, producer and vintage, as is the case in normal blind tastings, this glass hides wines' color, (white, red or rosé), depth of color, clarity, brilliance, and effervescence

13 3/8 oz

The Blind Blind Tasting Glass was designed for wine drinkers who don't want to form pre-conceived judgments prior to tasting, who want to taste fully blind. Given that humans' first sense in judging wine is sight (in fact, blind-folded tasters have not infrequently confused red and white wines), this glass removes all visual cues. Beyond color, the Blind Blind glass precludes immediately judging, for example, a pale-red Barolo as thin, or a deep purple pinot noir as rich. It is indeed the world's first double-blind glass.

The Blind Blind Tasting Glass (8400/15) employs Riedel's most versatile bowl, the Zinfandel/Chianti (8-7/8" high with a 13 3/8 ounce bowl) and like other glasses in the Sommeliers collection is hand-made of full-lead crystal. The glass achieves its blackness through the addition of manganese oxide; a little of this metal turns glass purple, a little more turns it pitch black.

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Riedel, The Wine Glass Company

"It takes a great deal of efforts for a talented wine-maker to produce a good wine. These efforts can be ruined in no time if the wine is not served properly. The quality of the glass plays a crucial role here and Riedel produces the largest range of high quality glasses, specifically fine-tuned to fit the predominant wine varietals of the planet. Riedel makes it possible to fully appreciate all the nuances of aromas and tastes from the best wines of the world." -Michel Bettane

Varietal Specific Designs

The Riedel glass designs are based on the exceptional characteristics of each grape variety, which in turn determines the shape, size and rim diameter of the bowl. The latest machine blown technology, in conjunction with the seamless pulled stem, offers a special design feature "architecture", which creates an indent in the bottom of the bowl, reflecting the light and adding another dimension to the lively color of wine.

Crystal Classics is one of the largest independent retailers of Riedel glasses in the U.S.

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