Royal Doulton The Lion's Mound, Limited Edition
Royal Doulton The Lion's Mound, Limited Edition
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Size: 8 3/8"
The Lion is a symbol of strength and pride, and this figurine is based upon the statue at Lion's Mound at the site of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Modeled in the UK by Andrew Edwards, the masterful sculpture of the Lions Mound is inspired by the monument built by the King William I of The Netherlands to mark the spot where his son, who became King in 1840, was injured. Royal Doultons master painters, Chris Jackson and Tom Mason, have developed a distinctive decorative look for the Lion Mound, using a historic technique called scrumbling to create a marble effect for the sculpture. In this process the surface of the lion is flooded with ceramic color and the pigment is pushed into the deep creases of the model. Excess pigment is then carefully removed with a large brush to leave a soft hue over the body of lion with deeper shades in the folds. Jagged lines are painted on with a brush and the detail is then worked with a special oil to disperse the color so that each line softly fades away.

Every lion will be painted by hand in this manner so the decorative detail on each sculpture in the edition of 1,000 will be unique.

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As evidenced by the name, Royal Doulton enjoys the distinction of a "Royal Warrant" -- a mark of distinction bestowed upon people or companies who have regularly supplied members of the Royal Family with goods or services. Royal Warrants, regarded as a mark of supreme excellence and quality, cannot be bought or sold.

King Edward awarded the first Royal Warrant to Royal Doulton in 1901. The Doulton Company then became The Royal Doulton Company. Presently, the Royal Doulton brand holds two Royal Warrants, the Royal Albert brand holds two Royal Warrants and the Minton brand holds one.