Royal Doulton China Pretty Ladies, Lady Edith, Limited Edition 1200
Royal Doulton China Pretty Ladies, Lady Edith, Limited Edition 1200
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Size: H: 8 3/4" W: 3 1/4"

Lady Edith wears a daring emerald-green dress in a 1920s bohemian style, for her secret meeting with her lover Michael Gregson, the publisher of a society magazine, The Sketch, in London. Taking place during series four, they publicly kiss risking scandalous exposure. Lady Ediths revealing chiffon skirted dress is paired with a bodice decorated with gold beading and embroidery inspired by peacock feathers and tied with a sash at her hips. The modern, glamorous style indicates how Lady Ediths identity is evolving as she becomes an independent working woman. Her fashionable outfit is accessorized with matching green shoes, an emerald and gold necklace that trails down her back to her waist and two pearl-adorned hair-slides.

The Crawley family - the Earl and Countess of Grantham, two of their daughters, Lady Mary and Lady Edith, and the Earls second cousin, Lady Rose MacClare has inspired Royal Doulton to create a limited edition figurine collection. In costumes worn during landmark moments of the series, each figurine has been modelled by Neil Welch and he has taken every care to replicate all the luxurious details of each outfit and stylish accessories such as jewelry, hats and handbags.

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