Spode Christmas Tree Polka Dot Set Of 6 Coasters
Spode Christmas Tree Polka Dot Set Of 6 Coasters
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Item# 2010269144SP
Size: 4" x 4"

The premier brand for placemats and coasters, Pimpernel offers an array of beautiful designs for the tabletop. Guaranteeing quality, Pimpernel placemats and coasters use a 5mm board which is topped with an art print and then totally sealed with a high quality lacquer finish that is both stain resistant and heat resistant to 100C/210F. The bases of the placemats and coasters are then finished with a hardwearing cork that protects your precious furniture and work-surfaces from stains and scratches.

These whimsical Christmas Tree Polka Dot Coasters feature playful polka dots surrounding the iconic Spode Christmas Tree. Entertain with little worry, knowing these coasters are protecting your surfaces.


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