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Steuben Tortoise DOF Glass, Single
Steuben Tortoise DOF Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2311VAA
Steuben Cat Hand Cooler Paperweight
Steuben Cat Hand Cooler PaperweightNew
Item # 5520VAA
Steuben Elephant Hand Cooler
Steuben Elephant Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5529VAA
Steuben Teddy Bear Ornament
Steuben Teddy Bear OrnamentNew
Item # 10007ST
Steuben Whisper Martini Glass, Single
Steuben Whisper Martini Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2599VAA
Steuben Penguin and Child Hand Cooler
Steuben Penguin and Child Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5564VAA
Steuben Reindeer Ornament
Steuben Reindeer OrnamentNew
Item # 10015ST
Steuben Heart of My Heart Paperweight
Steuben Heart of My Heart PaperweightNew
Item # 9487VAA
Steuben Pelican Hand Cooler
Steuben Pelican Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5590VAA
Steuben Verve Pilsner Glass, Single
Steuben Verve Pilsner Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2421VAA
Steuben Bunny Hand Cooler Paperweight
Steuben Bunny Hand Cooler PaperweightNew
Item # 5547VAA
Steuben Christmas Tree Large Sculpture
Steuben Christmas Tree Large SculptureNew
Item # 10009VAA
Steuben 2019 Holiday Ornament Gift Set
Steuben 2019 Holiday Ornament Gift SetNew
Item # 10018ST
Set $400.00
Steuben Christmas Tree Sculpture
Steuben Christmas Tree SculptureNew
Item # 8984VAA
Steuben Loving Angel Sculpture
Steuben Loving Angel SculptureNew
Item # 8911VAA
Steuben Giraffe Hand Cooler
Steuben Giraffe Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5601VAA
Steuben Pumpkin Sculpture
Steuben Pumpkin SculptureNew
Item # 10017ST
Steuben Verve DOF Glass, Single
Steuben Verve DOF Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2419VAA
Steuben Celebrate Cupcake Sculpture
Steuben Celebrate Cupcake SculptureNew
Item # 9053VAA
Steuben Desk Accessory, Star Stream
Steuben Desk Accessory, Star StreamNew
Item # 8567VAA
Steuben Keepsake Heart Paperweight
Steuben Keepsake Heart PaperweightNew
Item # 10019VAA
Steuben Puppy Love Hand Cooler
Steuben Puppy Love Hand CoolerNew
Item # 8524VAA
Steuben Tortoise Wine Decanter
Steuben Tortoise Wine DecanterNew
Item # 5413VAA
Steuben Verve Cocktail Glass, Single
Steuben Verve Cocktail Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2420VAA
Steuben Atkins Eagle Sculpture
Steuben Atkins Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 8496VAA
Steuben Houston Eagle Sculpture
Steuben Houston Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 8130ST
Steuben Kangaroo Hand Cooler
Steuben Kangaroo Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5600VAA
Steuben Nautilus Bowl
Steuben Nautilus BowlNew
Item # 9032VAA
Steuben Olive Dish
Steuben Olive DishNew
Item # 7857ST
Steuben Trout and Fly Sculpture
Steuben Trout and Fly SculptureNew
Item # 1002ST
Steuben Whisper Ice Bucket
Steuben Whisper Ice BucketNew
Item # 2596VAA
Steuben Whisper Whiskey Decanter
Steuben Whisper Whiskey DecanterNew
Item # 2597VAA
Steuben Baby's Block Paperweight
Steuben Baby's Block PaperweightNew
Item # 9539ST
Steuben Beacon of Light Sculpture
Steuben Beacon of Light SculptureNew
Item # 9056ST
Steuben Deep Flower Bowl
Steuben Deep Flower BowlNew
Item # 8091ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Mini Mobius
Steuben Desk Accessory, Mini MobiusNew
Item # 9667VAA
Steuben Horse Head Sculpture
Steuben Horse Head SculptureNew
Item # 7779VAA
Steuben Kodiak Bear Sculpture
Steuben Kodiak Bear SculptureNew
Item # 9020VAA
Steuben Lion Sculpture
Steuben Lion SculptureNew
Item # 1126VAA
Steuben Little Handkerchief Vase
Steuben Little Handkerchief VaseNew
Item # 8703ST
Steuben Lovebirds Hand Cooler
Steuben Lovebirds Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5566VAA
Steuben Lyre Vase
Steuben Lyre VaseNew
Item # 8113ST
Steuben Snail Sculpture
Steuben Snail SculptureNew
Item # 7982ST
Steuben Spiral Bowl
Steuben Spiral BowlNew
Item # 8060ST
Steuben Star of David Sculpture
Steuben Star of David SculptureNew
Item # 8686ST
Steuben Tortoise Decanter
Steuben Tortoise DecanterNew
Item # 5211VAA
Steuben Whirlpool Vase
Steuben Whirlpool VaseNew
Item # 8087ST
Steuben Whisper Wine Decanter
Steuben Whisper Wine DecanterNew
Item # 2598VAA
Steuben Desk Accessory, Caduceus
Steuben Desk Accessory, CaduceusNew
Item # 8768ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Compass Star
Steuben Desk Accessory, Compass StarNew
Item # 10011ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Endurance
Steuben Desk Accessory, EnduranceNew
Item # 4501ST
Steuben Enchanted Heart
Steuben Enchanted HeartNew
Item # 10024VAA
Steuben Beaver Sculpture
Steuben Beaver SculptureNew
Item # 9156CIC
Steuben Century Champagne Pair
Steuben Century Champagne PairNew
Item # 2505PVAA
Steuben Cheetah Sculpture
Steuben Cheetah SculptureNew
Item # 9597VAA
Steuben Desk Accessory, Cube Crystal
Steuben Desk Accessory, Cube CrystalNew
Item # 4126ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Inner Triumph
Steuben Desk Accessory, Inner TriumphNew
Item # 4142ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Inspiration
Steuben Desk Accessory, InspirationNew
Item # 10014ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Leadership
Steuben Desk Accessory, LeadershipNew
Item # 9095ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Match Point
Steuben Desk Accessory, Match PointNew
Item # 4502ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Music Box
Steuben Desk Accessory, Music BoxNew
Item # 10009ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Partnership
Steuben Desk Accessory, PartnershipNew
Item # 8760VAA
Steuben Desk Accessory, Sonata
Steuben Desk Accessory, SonataNew
Item # 4505ST
Steuben Desk Accessory, Starlight
Steuben Desk Accessory, StarlightNew
Item # 8920VAA
Steuben Egret Sculpture
Steuben Egret SculptureNew
Item # 9668VAA
Steuben Gander Sculpture
Steuben Gander SculptureNew
Item # 8658ST
Steuben Monkey Hand Cooler
Steuben Monkey Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5526VAA
Steuben Pollard Eagle Sculpture
Steuben Pollard Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 8304VAA
Steuben Preening Goose Sculpture
Steuben Preening Goose SculptureNew
Item # 8344ST
Steuben Rabbit Redux Sculpture
Steuben Rabbit Redux SculptureNew
Item # 9662VAA
Steuben Signature Bowl Sculpture
Steuben Signature Bowl SculptureNew
Item # 1230VAA
Steuben Spiral Vase
Steuben Spiral VaseNew
Item # 8058ST
Steuben Swan Hand Cooler
Steuben Swan Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5568VAA
Steuben Teddy Bear Hand Cooler
Steuben Teddy Bear Hand CoolerNew
Item # 5531VAA
Steuben Wall Street Sculpture
Steuben Wall Street SculptureNew
Item # 1165ST
Steuben Tortoise Ice Bucket
Steuben Tortoise Ice BucketNew
Item # 5215VAA
Steuben Chinese Zodiac Rat
Steuben Chinese Zodiac RatNew
Item # CZ-RAT

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