Swarovski Myriad Batman, Large, Limited Edition
Swarovski Myriad Batman, Large, Limited Edition
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Item# 5508791
Size: 21 5/8 x 9 x 11 3/4"

The hero we need: This Swarovski figurine shows Batman, Gotham City's vigilante hero, in a sparkling crystal design and is only crafted on demand. He is depicted wearing a slate-gray suit, black cloak, and yellow tool belt. This unique masterpiece features more than 81,000 crystals, hand-set using the Pointiage technique in 455 hours. It also features a metal plaque on the bottom of the base, offering the possibility to personalize the piece with a special engraving. This detailed representation of one of DC most beloved heroes comes in a premium blue suitcase with a certificate of authenticity. The shipping procedure includes insurance and a delivery notice. Find out more about this procedure under Online Shop Assistant - Order Process.

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