Schott Zwiesel Banquet Sauvignon Blanc
Schott Zwiesel Banquet Sauvignon Blanc
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Banquet stemware takes from our popular barware shape to strike the perfect balance between classic aesthetics and extended practicality. Made for those who appreciate both elegance and functionality, this glassware offers an abbreviated stem designed to be sturdy and graceful. Enhance any table with Banquet, high-quality TRITAN Crystal Glass stemware that adds a taste of sophistication to every sip.

The glass manufacture of Zwiesel Glas, established in 1872, is deeply rooted in the traditional glassmaking trade of the Bavarian Forest. The company's products are prized by the worlds most discerning guests and finest hosts. Zwiesel Glass turns every moment into a special occasion at every table, whether at home or in restaurants, whether by yourself or in the company of others. The special Zwiesel note plays a large role the sound of toasting with Tritan crystal glasses from Zwiesel is unlike any other and has become a unique feature of our brand. Our brand statement For Those Who Care reflects the high standards Zwiesel Glas has established for itself to provide unparalleled quality, unique design, unusual product assortments, exceptional service, and sustainability.

This titanium infused crystal glass is known for its break resistance and brilliant clarity. Bring commercial grade material to your home.

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