Villeroy and Boch It's My Match Powder Rice Bowl Blossom
Villeroy and Boch It's My Match Powder Rice Bowl Blossom
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Size: 6.75 x 6.75 x 2.5 in

Everyday bowl for a creative mix and match

it's my match is always the right choice for a house-warming party with friends, a garden party or a relaxing evening on the sofa. The trendy colours, surfaces and exciting feel allow you to combine the stylish pieces beautifully with each other. This creates a completely new look on the table every single time. The bowl from it's my match in matt pink is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends. Discover the young collection from like. by Villeroy and Boch.

Rumbled, not stirred
The novel surface was rumbled. That means: it was polished, but not glazed. This gives its my match special capabilities.

Leave small messages
You can leave messages directly on your its my match. Simply use a pencil, for example, to write on the unglazed surfaces and then simply wipe the message away again.

Leave an impression
Your its my match can be a real soft at times. So its important to take care. For instance, rings or other objects can leave small marks on its surface and vice-versa. But, over time, this is perhaps how your its my match will recount your adventures together.