Waterford Rearing Horse Sculpture
Waterford Rearing Horse Sculpture
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Size: H: 9 1/2"

One can almost feel the call of the wild with this 9 1/2 inches of power, grace and majesty from Waterford Crystal This stunning piece is a wonderful addition to any collection. This Crystal figurine features a wild stallion rearing on its hind legs with its mane whipping in the wind on a textured base. Add it to your office or desk as a majestic accessory.

An ideal gift for the equestrian in your life!

Hartmans Square Mahogany Wooden Base 4"
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Hartmans Brass Plaque With Engraving 3 1/2"
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Style:  Script Block
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Ireland and Waterford, an everlasting and inspiring beauty, matched only by craftsmanship of Waterford crystal designers and artisans. (3.28 min.)
Waterford Crystal

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