Waterford Crystal Lismore Encore Champagne Flute, Single
Waterford Crystal Lismore Encore Champagne Flute, Single
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Size: H: 9", Cap: 6oz.

An ornate variation of the world famous Lismore pattern, Lismore encore features signature diamond and wedge cuts intricately rendered on generously proportioned glassware. Raise a toast with this Lismore encore Crystal Flute; designed to enhance the color and fizz of sparkling Crystal Wine and Crystal Champagne and featuring the clarity and weight for which Waterford fine Crystal has become famous.

The pattern features refined diamond cuts- a signature of early Penrose designs- and a symmetrical series of upward flowing wedge cuts. The clarity of the Crystal combined with the refraction of light through the cutting created what the world now treasures- the enduring allure of Lismore.

Waterford Crystal

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