Waterford Lismore Diamond 5x7" Picture Frame
Waterford Lismore Diamond 5x7" Picture Frame
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Size: H: 13.7" x W: 11.5", fits picture size: 5 x 7"

Your most treasured photos and pictures will look radiant in this stunning Crystal Lismore Diamond 5"x7" Picture Frame; bordered by the intricate cuts that have made Lismore one of Waterford's most renowned patterns.

The Lismore Diamond collection is a strikingly modern reinterpretation of the Lismore pattern, which includes Waterford's most advanced and original giftware statements. Lismore Diamond is the signature pattern for the Lismore 60th Anniversary celebration, featuring horizontal cuts over alternating-height vertical cuts, which create light-refracting, diamond-like facets of unsurpassed prismatic reflectivity.The clarity of the Crystal combined with the refraction of light through the cutting created what the world now treasures- the enduring allure of Lismore.

View VideoView Video: House of Waterford Crystal (55 sec.)
Great Waterford Crystal video featuring the House of Waterford and master craftsmen shaping and cutting sparkling crystal gifts in a traditional manner, by hand.

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