Waterford Crystal Gin Journeys Lismore Balloon Glasses, Pair
Waterford Crystal Gin Journeys Lismore Balloon Glasses, Pair
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Size: H: 7.6" W: 4.5" Cap: 22oz.

Gin Journeys is a collection created for the optimum Gin experience. Steeped in history with inspiration being drawn from Waterford heritage to gin, dating back to the Victorian era. Waterford striking range of gin glasses have been designed with tasting experts to help enrich the aromas and infuse the flavors of the botanicals.

The Lismore Balloon glass set of two are rounded with a short stem, perfect for gins with a high alcohol content, due to their bowl-like shape trapping the aromas inside the glass and allowing the spirit more room to breathe. Characterized by the stunning clarity of Lismore's signature diamond and wedge cuts these glasses allow enough space for garnishes and ice for the perfect gin cocktail or iced beverage.

Capturing Waterford rich Irish heritage and the trend in craft gins and sophisticated gin cocktails, this set blends old and new creating a fresh appreciation of this classic spirit. Presented in a sleek in Journeys gift box this makes an ideal gift.

Waterford Crystal

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