Waterford Crystal True Love Wedding Vows Flutes, Pair
Waterford Crystal True Love Wedding Vows Flutes, Pair
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Size: H: 10.6" W: 2.9", Cap: 5oz.
With a spectacular cutting of interlocking rings, the Waterford Wedding Vows Crystal Flute pair lends beauty and sophistication to what may well be the world most famous photo opportunity: the wedding toast by the new bride and groom.

Like a smooth stone dropped in a still pool, the Wedding Day creates a rippling resonance throughout a couple lifetime, with each anniversary a memorable occasion for celebration, appreciation and reflection. Waterford Love Crystal Champagne Toasting Crystal Flutes are an exquisite Crystal commemorative of this enduring love and everlasting commitment.

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Great Waterford Crystal video featuring the House of Waterford and master craftsmen shaping and cutting sparkling crystal gifts in a traditional manner, by hand.

Waterford Crystal

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