Waterford B5 Five Arm Chandelier
Waterford Crystal, Comeragh B5 Crystal Chandelier, 5-Arm
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Item# 9500000211
Size: 21 x 22"
The Waterford Chandelier Collection expands to include magnificent new designs by Waterford’s Chief Lighting Designer, Billy Canning. New Waterford Chandeliers include greater, grander creations in three of the most treasured patterns: Ardmore, Cranmore, and Lismore. In all, Waterford creates a stunning diffusion of light and color that transforms residential interior spaces into grand palaces.
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View VideoView Video: House of Waterford Crystal (55 sec.)
Great Waterford Crystal video featuring the House of Waterford and master craftsmen shaping and cutting sparkling crystal gifts in a traditional manner, by hand.

Waterford Crystal

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