Waterford Crystal 2020 Times Square Triangle Ornament
Waterford Crystal 2020 Times Square Triangle Ornament
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Size: H: 3.1" L: 3.6" W: 0.39"

The Times Square New Year's Eve Ball drop on December 31st is a global celebration on the grandest scale. As the world celebrates New Year's Eve with Waterford in Times Square, we ring in 2020 with the Gift of Goodwill. A gift of goodwill displays concern and support, conveys the timeless nature of mankind inherent determination to cherish goodness, and affirms the lasting value of benevolence, generosity and humanitarianism.

Bring the magic of the iconic Times Square Ball into your home with this crystal Times Square Triangle Ornament. Mirroring the intricate cutting patterns on the panels of the Times Square Ball, this ornament is beautifully strung with a satin Times Square ribbon, a diamond shaped glass bead and a silver dated hang tag. Presented in a classic Waterford box with a decorative Times Square sleeve, perfect for gifting.

Waterford Crystal

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