Waterford Wedding Heirloom 8 x 10 frame
Waterford Crystal Wedding Heirloom 8x10" Picture Frame
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Size: 8 x 10"
Inspired by the Old English word widdean, from which our word "wedding" is derived, the Wedding Heirloom collection artistically expresses the meaning of this word, which is "to pledge." With two time-honored symbols, the fleur-de-lis and the heart, Waterford's artisans have created a design that interprets the glow and depth of love, and commemorates the pledge that brings two people together in marriage.

A classic and elegant display of true love! The wedding heirloom frame adds a touch of refinement to the classic beauty of the wedding photo. Display the memory of that special day for years to come. With packaging specifically designed for gift giving, the wedding heirloom collection requires no additional wrapping. Packaged in a white box with gray ribbon, the simplicity adds to elegance that is Waterford.

Waterford Crystal

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