Waterford Crystal Lismore Ogham Tumbler, Father
Waterford Crystal Lismore Ogham Tumbler, Father
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Size: H: 3.8" W: 3.3" D: 3.3" Cap: 11.8oz.

The Lismore Gift Bar Collection is inspired by the rich heritage of Ireland with pieces designed to be used and enjoyed. The Lismore Ogham Tumbler features the iconic Lismore design with the Short Stories Ogham design. Ogham embraces Irish heritage using the Celtic alphabet of Ogham to celebrate loved ones with a atherTumbler presented in a grey gift box embossed on the border with the beloved Lismore pattern in black foil. Ideal for gifting, each piece is a reminder how a special gift can create memories, ake the momentand be treasured forever.

Waterford Crystal

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