Waterford Lismore 12oz Hiball Tumbler
Waterford Crystal, Lismore 12 oz. Hiball Tumbler, Single
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Size: H: 5.6" W: 2.9" D: 2.9" Cap: 12oz.
The perfect way for you to celebrate over a shared drink, the Lismore Hiball 12oz. is designed for serving a whole range of your favorite drinks. The tall, elegant shape is stylishly decorated with the diamond and wedge cuts of our famous Lismore pattern. Whether it be a beer, gin and tonic, mocktail, fruit juice or sparkling water, the Lismore Hiball is contemporary everyday barware designed to make your informal gatherings or celebrations with friends feel just a little bit special. Presented in our signature Lismore box, this is a great gift for a birthday or anniversary and the perfect present to begin a stylish collection of our Lismore glassware.

Waterford Crystal

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