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Waterford Crystal, Guardian Angel
Waterford Crystal, Guardian Angel
Item # 114930
Waterford Celtic Crystal Cross
Waterford Celtic Crystal Cross
Item # 40003422
Waterford Standing Crystal Cross
Waterford Standing Crystal Cross
Item # 104819
Waterford Crystal Caroling Angel Sculpture
Waterford Crystal Caroling Angel SculptureSale
Item # 1057336
Now Only $130.00
Waterford Crystal Heritage 10" Star Cross
Waterford Crystal Heritage 10" Star CrossSale
Item # 1057375
Now Only $49.00
Waterford Crystal Guardian Angel Sculpture
Waterford Crystal Guardian Angel SculptureSale
Item # 1057297
Now Only $89.00
Waterford Crystal Cherub with Lute Sculpture
Waterford Crystal Cherub with Lute SculptureSale
Item # 1054657
Now Only $49.00
Waterford Crystal Praying Hands Sculpture
Waterford Crystal Praying Hands SculptureSale
Item # 1057285
Now Only $79.00
Waterford Religious Crystal Cross
Waterford Religious Crystal CrossNew
Item # 1059877
Waterford Celtic Crystal Cross
Waterford Celtic Crystal CrossSale
Item # 1057339
Now Only $85.00
Waterford Lismore Crystal Cross
Waterford Lismore Crystal CrossSale
Item # 1059891
Now Only $120.00
Waterford Clare Crystal Cross
Waterford Clare Crystal CrossNew
Item # 1058169
Waterford Crystal Standing Cross
Waterford Crystal Standing CrossNew
Item # 1058111

Largest collection of Waterford crystal crosses, angels and rosaries. Waterford has always drawn inspiration from Ireland's rich heritage of Celtic Christianity; creating beautiful religious giftware with gently shaped lines and deep wedge cuts that reflect the light so beautifully, they are sure to become a treasured pieces in any collection. Makes a great gift for baby, confirmations and weddings. Crystal Classics is the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal.
Waterford Crystal

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