Wedgwood Gio Pearl Mug with Handle
Wedgwood Gio Pearl Mug with Handle
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Size: H: 3.5" W: 3.5" D: 0" Cap: 11.75 oz

The Gio collection is the perfect blank canvas for you to showcase your food. Place the foundation stone of your table setting with Gio Stone. The dark bodied fine china dish is perfect for providing a stark contrasting base layer to other pieces from the Gio collection or mix with other white dinnerware for high contrast, monochromatic mealtimes. Add a touch of luxury to your table with Gio Pearl, crafted from beautiful fine bone china, this plate is designed to add a pearlescent accent to the crisp white simplicity of the Gio collection. Elegant simplicity allows your culinary delights to take centre stage, with each place setting becoming a work of art and every table a mini-masterpiece! Layer your setting with bolder Wedgwood collections to create even more sophisticated and unique mix and match looks.