Wedgwood Hummingbird Vase 19.2"
Wedgwood Hummingbird Vase 19.2"
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Size: H: 19.2" W: 11.2" D: 11.2" Cap: 16.4

Hummingbirds are a marvel of nature, constantly moving in a flash of exotic colour and perpetual motion more ethereal than earthly. This collection of Hummingbird vases and jars takes inspiration from these living miniature feathered jewels, offering a palette of striking colours on beautifully silky white fine bone china. Harking back to the mythical world of Makeig-JonesFairyland Lustre collection, there an otherworldly quality to these pieces. Each intricately detailed item champions oversized blooms and playful hummingbirds and is expertly hand-finished with 22 carat gold. Dreamt up and made in England.

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