Wedgwood by Hitomi Hosono Kasumi Vase Limited Edition of 5
Wedgwood by Hitomi Hosono Kasumi Vase Limited Edition of 5
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Size: H: 9.2" W: 9.8" D: 5.8"

The stunning Green Daisy Vase draws the eye to its smooth elliptical shape in pastel green and the wonderful cascade of bas relief white daisies that appear to be pouring out of its narrow mouth. The exquisitely crafted individual daisies tumble over the edge with some layering over one another, almost ancingin a rich cluster raised on their stalks while others drift delicately down the vase to its base. Hitomi evocative Japanese title for the piece, asumimeans hazy or misty and the effect of this dense covering of hand-applied daisies is a wonderful white haze over the pastel green form of the vase making it a truly striking work of art.

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