Wedgwood by Hitomi Hosono Shunko Box Limited Edition of 5
Wedgwood by Hitomi Hosono Shunko Box Limited Edition of 5
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Size: H: 2.2" W: 4.6" D: 5.4"

The beautiful Pink Prunus Covered Box is a rectangular shape with soft edges, based on a smooth pebble and embellished with clusters of hand-applied white bas relief Prunus leaves which overlap one another to form an elegant trail over the box. The Prunus, or cherry tree leaf, is evocative of Japanese gardens and their distinctive pink cherry blossom. Hitomi's title for the piece, "Shunko," means Spring sunlight or scenery of Spring. She sees the pointed white leaves as though they are shards of sunlight glancing across this pebble inspired piece. The level of detail in each leaf cluster is exquisite, as though they have just been trimmed from the tree and this realism is one of Hitomi's key skills as a ceramic artist.

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