Wedgwood China Paeonia Blush Teapot Glass, With Ceramic Lid
Wedgwood China Paeonia Blush Teapot Glass, With Ceramic Lid
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Size: H: 4.5" W: 6.2" D: 9.5" Cap: 33.8oz.

Wedgwood Paeonia Blush collection is an eclectic mix of gifts and teaware, all forming a celebration of the peony, a flower known for riches and honor. This Paeonia Blush Glass Teapot is inspired by the first series of Wedgwood's archive pattern books dating back to the 18th century and designed in the Chinoiserie style. A contemporary yet historically inspired piece, it combines modern design with a decadent gold accent lid. Perfectly complementing the intricate design details of the peony, this teapot also works harmoniously with the Wedgwood Signature Tea collection. Presented in a signature Wedgwood blue gift box.

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