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House Beautiful recently revealed that greenery is back and houseplants are here to stay this season! If you're missing summer days in the garden, surrounded by nature, it's time to bring that feeling inside and embrace winter houseplants. It's not just a growing interiors trend too, nature within the home and displaying plant pots is something more and more people are doing to reduce stress and promote well-being: thanks to a boost of purity and clean oxygen.

So, to ward off the midwinter blues and ease colds, we recommend embracing a touch of green in your home environment by adding an array of houseplants. Not only can they improve comfort, cosiness and natural colour, but they also merge the inside with the outside: adding life to any room during winter. Wedgwood believes that horticulture and bringing nature into the home is a global phenomenon that has evolved because of this growing well-being interior trend. That's why nature and culture were the richest sources of inspiration for the design of Wedgwood Burlington Pots.

What's special is that every pot is handcrafted using traditional methods to create a bespoke piece of art: a celebration of both flowers and individuality. Created in a variety of sizes and a choice of two colours, whatever your style, these pots will fit into any personal space. From small city apartments, open outdoor areas, large living spaces, or kitchen windows - just to name a few - each piece is as individual as you, your style, space and is truly unique.


Made in the Wedgwood factory at Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent, Wedgwood Burlington Pots showcase true British craftsmanship and techniques first applied by Josiah Wedgwood in his early and unique Jasper experiments.

Today, it's the pot making process that's truly unique - from the initial design concept of using Jasperware an innovative and new way - to handcrafting each piece using traditional methods. Every pot takes between 20 and 35 minutes to make in clay, 96 hours to dry and 48 hours to fire in the kilns.

As a final touch, each pot is hand-stamped with its size, Wedgwood logo, Made in England mark and the Devonshire Ducal Coronet and Snake feature - making each pot a unique piece of art to treasure.

Potted up with beautiful plants, Wedgwood Burlington Pots are a celebration of British craftsmanship and style for today's home and garden.

Made in England
Winter Space


Plants can turn any room into a living space, and breathe life into your interiors - so finding the right plant for your home is key. When picking your houseplants, the first thing to be mindful of is plant care. Big textures and unusual plants are decorative and fun but it's important to think about your plant's needs, the spaces in which you'll place them (near radiators, in hot bathrooms, or drafty windows) and the light in that area.

During winter - when temperatures are low, air is dry and central heating is on full - we highly recommend sturdy plants like jade, aloe vera, spider, streptocarpus and pretty fringed ferns. If you're looking for low maintenance winter houseplants that flower, go for peace lilies, winter-flowering orchids and fragrant white jasmines. Keep in mind watering needs during winter - some like more, some less. Simply mist your plants daily.

Ready to pot up?

Wedgwood Burlington Pots come in a range of sizes suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making them a unique and versatile homeware product that suits different plant styles or unique spaces in the winter home. To plant up, only use one plant per pot and make sure the plant is the right size. Place in your unique space and enjoy!


Globally Jasperware has long been associated with Wedgwood ever since the material was first introduced by Josiah Wedgwood in the 18th Century. Since then, Wedgwood has been especially known for using Jasper in colours of blue & white, sage green, soft pink and black & white. These became the most enduring and iconic of Wedgwood's wares.

With a continued thirst for experimentation and exploration, Wedgwood's team wanted to reinvent Jasper - looking at different ways of changing the look and feel of the material to suit the contemporary home.

And so, Wedgwood Burlington Pots were created.

Using Wedgwood's iconic Jasperware clay in a new way for a contemporary look, the pots are a reimagination of layering blue & white and black & white Jasper to form a unique marbling effect and organic texture that's perfectly unpolished

Clay Colors
Mix & Match


To up your plant game and update your look with this season's greenery trend, why not mix and match a combination of plant sizes and colours within the home environment.

A great way to achieve this look is by combining large and small pot sizes in a range of colours and patterns, using different textural plants (from our previous guide to winter plants) and investing in accessories like plant stands to create height and interest in any room.

You can even style Wedgwood Burlington Pots with your own pots for a truly individual style. Here are our rules when mixing and matching.

Rule 1 | As you're arranging planters always follow the odd number rule, so group them in threes or fives.

Rule 2 | If you're using more than one pot in a space, select different textures and types of foliage to create a unique look.

Rule 3 | Real or fake it doesn't matter. Don't be afraid to mix dainty fake succulents with real flowers to stay on trend.

Rule 4 | When in doubt, add another plant. It's good for your well-being.

Watch the latest video to learn more about the unique pot making process and how to style Wedgwood Burlington Pots in your own home.


The Wedgwood Burlington Pots were designed in collaboration with Laura Cavendish, Countess of Burlington and daughter in law of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, who took inspiration from Wedgwood's craftsmanship and legacy of gifting Devonshire pots to the Duchess of Devonshire in 1778. In the 18th century, England's interest in gardening and horticulture exploded and nearly every town had its own Society of Florists. This newfound love for botany spread inside the home and ornate pots were manufactured for every variety of plant so that flowers could adorn every room.

This sparked an opportunity for Josiah Wedgwood and Thomas Bentley, whose partnership commenced with the production of flowers pots of various decoration and sizes to fill the homes of Britain. Eldest son John Wedgwood also had an interest in horticulture; particularly the cultivation of exotic plants and so founded the Royal Horticultural Society in 1804 - forging a strong botanical bond for Wedgwood.

Keen to create a new flower pot with a less formal, fresh approach, simpler shape and size than the original pots, the Wedgwood Design team deconstructed and reinvented Jasperware to present Lady Laura Burlington with the individual and unique Wedgwood Burlington Pot in 4, 5, 6 and 7-inch sizes.

As an added touch, each plant pot is stamped with the Devonshire Ducal Coronet and Snake feature as a special symbol of this unique partnership.

Burlington Pot


From first time buyers to retirement relocators, a Wedgwood Burlington Pot makes the perfect housewarming gift. Any recipient will appreciate a unique piece that’ll help them settle in and create a stylish look in the home or garden.

Potted up with a favourite flower for special birthdays, milestone anniversaries and Mother’s or Father’s Day - there are so many occasions where the Wedgwood Burlington pot would make a memorable gift idea.

Once made, each piece is beautifully presented in a signature Wedgwood blue gift box.

Gift Boxes
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