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Have Your Waterford Signed By Tom Power

Tom began his career with Waterford as a Wedge Cutter in 1969. Within ten years he advanced to Master Wedge Cutter. Meeting the criteria of 25 years experience as a Master Craftsman, Tom joined the Special Department of Waterford Crystal, cutting many one-off pieces that are destined to grace the display cabinet of many of the high achievers in sport, politics and business. One of his great works includes the Waterford Crystal Ball, lowered at the Times Square New Year’s celebration in New York.

Turn your Waterford into a family heirloom that will last for generations! The event is on December 5, 2016.

Crystal Classics is the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal.
When the brothers George and William Penrose founded the Waterford Crystal House in 1783, they made a bold promise - to make Waterford crystal in "as fine a quality as any in Europe in the most elegant style." It was no idle boast. They had in hand the old secrets of mingling minerals and glass to create Waterford crystal of beautiful and mysterious qualities. It sang sweetly at the tap of a finger. It felt soft and warm to the touch yet possessed strength and durability known only to Waterford crystal. And it radiated a distinctive, silvery white brilliance, which Waterford Crystal's artists enhanced with deeply - cut ornamentation that gave the finished pieces a vivacious, traditional Waterford crystal sparkle.

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