About Crystal Classics

Thank you for your interest in Crystal Classics, a family run business, and the largest independent retailer of fine crystal in the U.S. We are located in Columbus, Ohio.

Crystal is a Sustainable, 100% Recyclable Product.

Crystal and glass products are sustainable products. Each piece of crystal is 100% recyclable with over a ton of natural resources saved for every ton of crystal recycled. Energy costs of production of glass products containing recycled crystal are significantly lower than without using recycled products. Every crystal factory loves using the recycled crystal as a portion of their mixture. When mixture contains recycled crystal, it saves about a ton of fuel for each ton of recycled crystal, creating huge effects in saving the energy. Please recycle. Every piece of crystal can be completely recycled, if you have the heart to break it.

On the Internet Longer than Google

We are a family run small business, but Crystal Classics has been online since before Google. Our e-commerce site opened in 1996 and Google opened their site in 1997!
The company was founded many years ago as an exclusive fine crystal retailer, and while we had our stores and catalog, we opened our e-commerce web site in 1996, one year before even Google was online.
Few luxury stores have been around that long online and we are really proud of it. Most of the luxury gift industry followed our lead only a decade later.
Today, as then, Crystal Classics remains to be a leader in service, technology, imaging and luxury of the fine crystal retail.

Our Catalog

Our catalogs have been around since 1976. We publish several catalogs a year with our Christmas Edition always a customer favorite.
Our catalogs are high gloss, coffee table style books filled with finest luxurious gifts and crystal pieces. All of the photography on our site and in our catalogs is produced in our company and we are proud to be one of the few retail companies that uses bespoke luxury photography instead of stock photos.
To preview our catalog or order your own copy please visit our Catalog page.

Bespoke Luxury Photography

Luxurious fine crystal deserves fine presentation. All of our images are produced in Crystal Classics in house and are original works of art by our photographers.
At Crystal Classics we believe that the fine crystal is in itself an object of great beauty that should be respected. We produce bespoke luxury art photography of fine crystal art pieces.
Respect the beautiful in your life.

Celebrities and Privacy

At Crystal Classics we have sent gifts for and to every living U.S. President, many popular celebrities, movie stars, sports stars and many other well known celebrities and public figures.
Their information, as well as the information of over million and a half of our customers, is kept very, very private. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy.

Gift Services and Presentation

Crystal Classics offers first class gift service and luxury presentation of your gifts. We offer elegant, luxurious Black Gift Bags. You can add the Gift Bag at checkout for each item.

Corporate and Business Gift Giving

At Crystal Classics we able to accomodate corporate and business gifts of any size. We have handled thousands of gifts, engraved or in a Gift Bag, enclosed cards and sent to thousands of individual addresses. We can receive customer list in an Excel spreadsheet and send the gifts as indicated in it. We are able to facilitate individual corporate gift giving for unique high end executive gifts, or send thousands of pieces to each of your customers or employees. With enough lead time, we are able to develop specific products or trophies for companies, sport tournaments and other occasions. For more information visit Corporate Gifts Page.

Global Reach

We ship our products around the world. Our international shipments are on time and can be presented as a luxury gift anytime anywhere on the planet. Please choose the country that you are shipping to by clicking on the small flag on the bottom of your screen, or choose the country in the shopping cart from the pull down menu. The shipping charges, and all applicable taxes will be calculated automatically for each country.


Crystal Classics is proud to announce that we have won many prestigious Retailer of the Year Awards for our service and commitment to our customers. Thank you for your support and patronage!
  • Crystal Classics is the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal in the U.S.
  • Crystal Classics is one of the top 3 retailers of Baccarat Crystal in the U.S.
  • Crystal Classics is a Waterford Crystal Platinum Retailer, the highest distinction in service excellence awarded by Waterford Crystal.
  • We have received two Daniel Swarovski awards, one of which was the first one ever given to a U.S. retailer. Daniel Swarovski award is given to the best Swarovski retailer globally, and except Crystal Classics, no other retailer of Swarovski has ever won it twice!
  • Crystal Classics is Swarovski retailer of the year.
  • Crystal Classics is Orrefors Crystal retailer of the year.
  • Crystal Classics is Kosta Boda retailer of the year.

Contact Us

To contact us please visit our Customer Support Center (click here)

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 3:30 PM (EST)
During open hours, the 800 number will be displayed in the banner on top of each page.
Crystal Classics, 6185-K Huntley Rd, Columbus, OH 43229

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