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Belleek Nutcracker Ornament
Belleek Nutcracker OrnamentNew
Item # B4676
Belleek Irish Blessing Ornament
Belleek Irish Blessing Ornament
Item # B2906
Galway Celtic Cross
Galway Celtic CrossSale
Item # G34002
Now Only $59.95
Belleek Irish Jar Ornament
Belleek Irish Jar OrnamentNew
Item # B4677
Belleek Angel of Worship
Belleek Angel of WorshipNew
Item # B7818
Belleek Plum Pudding Ornament
Belleek Plum Pudding Ornament
Item # B4514
Belleek China Celtic High Cross
Belleek China Celtic High Cross
Item # B2080
The festive collection of Belleek China Ornaments and holiday figures are perfect Christmas gifts as well as a great addition to your festive decorations. Beautifully designed and handcrafted in Ireland, featuring hand embossing and hand painted designs. Large collection of ornaments, nativity and angel figurines. Made in Ireland. Crystal Classics is the largest independent retailer of Belleek China.

Belleek Pottery Ltd is a porcelain company that began trading in 1887 in Belleek, County Fermanagh, in what was to become Northern Ireland. The village of Belleek was a natural choice to locate the business especially the part of the village known as Rose Isle. This small isle provided the best opportunity to leash the yet untamed power of the River Erne - power to drive a mill wheel strong enough to grind components into Slip, the term applied to liquid potters clay.

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