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Aerin Antonin Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Antonin Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 18220057AE
Aerin Maxime Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Maxime Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 18120038AE
Aerin Bregenz Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Bregenz Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 23094528001AE
Aerin Margot Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Margot Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 23094628100AE
Aerin Luc Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Luc Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 171200630AE
Swarovski Fairy Mos, Limited Edition 2019
Swarovski Fairy Mos, Limited Edition 2019New
Item # 5427997
Set $149.00
Lalique Perfume Cascade De Lalique, Limited Edition
Lalique Perfume Cascade De Lalique, Limited EditionSale
Item # B21108L
Now Only $750.00
World's largest collection of Limited Edition Pieces, Sculptures and Art in Crystal, Metal and other media. Handmade and signed by artists, numbered. Each piece is a unique work of art and represents the best by the crystal brands like Baccarat, Lalique, Waterford, Kosta Boda and others.
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