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Belleek House Blessing Wreath
Belleek House Blessing WreathNew
Item # B2292
Belleek Connemara Mug, Single
Belleek Connemara Mug, SingleNew
Item # B4558
Belleek Connemara Tea Plate
Belleek Connemara Tea PlateNew
Item # B4579
Belleek Icing Mug, Single
Belleek Icing Mug, SingleNew
Item # B4529
Belleek Flex Mug, Single
Belleek Flex Mug, SingleNew
Item # B4527
Belleek China Mug of Hope, Single
Belleek China Mug of Hope, SingleNew
Item # B4397
Belleek Catalina Votive, Single
Belleek Catalina Votive, SingleNew
Item # B4546
Belleek St. Patricks Basket
Belleek St. Patricks BasketNew
Item # B4614
Belleek Violet Basket
Belleek Violet BasketNew
Item # B4615
Belleek Holly Basket
Belleek Holly BasketNew
Item # B4617
Belleek Claddagh Wall Plaque
Belleek Claddagh Wall PlaqueNew
Item # B4245
Belleek Irish Flax Mini Vase
Belleek Irish Flax Mini VaseNew
Item # B4487
Belleek Shamrock Luminaire
Belleek Shamrock LuminaireNew
Item # B4586
Belleek Thatched Cottage Luminaire
Belleek Thatched Cottage LuminaireNew
Item # B4588
Belleek Weave 4'' Vase
Belleek Weave 4'' VaseNew
Item # B4671
Belleek Shamrock 4'' Vase
Belleek Shamrock 4'' VaseNew
Item # B4672
Belleek Durrow 4'' Vase
Belleek Durrow 4'' VaseNew
Item # B4674
Belleek Meadow 4'' Vase
Belleek Meadow 4'' VaseNew
Item # B4673
Belleek Jar 2020 Ornament
Belleek Jar 2020 OrnamentNew
Item # B4677
Belleek Nutcracker 2020 Ornament
Belleek Nutcracker 2020 OrnamentNew
Item # B4676
Belleek Angel of Worship
Belleek Angel of WorshipNew
Item # B7818
Belleek Winter Scene LED Votive
Belleek Winter Scene LED VotiveNew
Item # B9332
Belleek Woodland LED Votive
Belleek Woodland LED VotiveNew
Item # B9334
Belleek Town of Bethlehem Luminaire
Belleek Town of Bethlehem LuminaireNew
Item # B93111
Belleek Masterpiece Neptune Mugs, Pair
Belleek Masterpiece Neptune Mugs, PairNew
Item # B0318
Pair $55.00

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