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Belleek 2021 Dove Ornament
Belleek 2021 Dove OrnamentNew
Item # B4386
Belleek Periwinkle Square Basket
Belleek Periwinkle Square BasketNew
Item # B4625
Belleek Sheep and Lamb Figurine
Belleek Sheep and Lamb FigurineNew
Item # B4693
Belleek Jasmine Basket
Belleek Jasmine BasketNew
Item # B7612
Belleek Icing Pot
Belleek Icing PotNew
Item # B9482
Belleek Irish Wild Rose Lamp
Belleek Irish Wild Rose LampNew
Item # B4665
Belleek Lighthouse Luminaire
Belleek Lighthouse LuminaireNew
Item # B4716
Belleek Curio 4 Mugs Set
Belleek Curio 4 Mugs SetNew
Item # B4697
Set $60.00
Belleek Etch 4 Mugs Set
Belleek Etch 4 Mugs SetNew
Item # B4699
Set $60.00
Belleek Connemara Jug
Belleek Connemara JugNew
Item # B4537
Belleek Connemara Covered Pot
Belleek Connemara Covered PotNew
Item # B4538
Belleek Shamrock Cake Stand
Belleek Shamrock Cake StandNew
Item # B4682
Belleek Trinity Knot Mug, Pair
Belleek Trinity Knot Mug, PairNew
Item # B4701
Pair $21.00
Belleek Trinity Knot Bowl
Belleek Trinity Knot BowlNew
Item # B4706
Belleek Trinity Knot 5 Side Plate
Belleek Trinity Knot 5 Side PlateNew
Item # B4705
Belleek Trinity Knot Dinner Plate
Belleek Trinity Knot Dinner PlateNew
Item # B4707
Belleek Claddagh Salt and Pepper Set
Belleek Claddagh Salt and Pepper SetNew
Item # B4185
Set $35.00
Belleek Christmas Tree Basket
Belleek Christmas Tree BasketNew
Item # B4626
Belleek 2021 Angel Bell Ornament
Belleek 2021 Angel Bell OrnamentNew
Item # B4684
Belleek Living Ginkgo Leaf Mug Set of 4
Belleek Living Ginkgo Leaf Mug Set of 4New
Item # B9410
Set $27.00
Belleek Living Porto Square Baker
Belleek Living Porto Square BakerNew
Item # B9446
Belleek Living Saturn Luminaire
Belleek Living Saturn LuminaireNew
Item # B9367
Belleek Living Inish 10 Vase
Belleek Living Inish 10 VaseNew
Item # B7176
Belleek Living Inish Votive
Belleek Living Inish VotiveNew
Item # B7181
Belleek Living Daisy Dot 10 Vase
Belleek Living Daisy Dot 10 VaseNew
Item # B7758
Belleek Hanako Annual Basket
Belleek Hanako Annual BasketNew
Item # B4624

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