Daum Ensemble by Dominique Dardek, Limited Edition Sculpture
Daum Ensemble by Dominique Dardek, Limited Edition Sculpture
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Item# D05357
Size: H: 16. 5" L: 7. 9" W: 7. 9"

The artist of this piece, Dominique Dardek, is interested in reflecting the flexibility and balance of movement and physical effort in his work. For Daum, he has created "Ensemble, " the very expression of a couple walking together. "This piece symbolizes the creation of a couple in our world, passing form a virtual universe to reality. The combination of crystal and bronze confers ano the r dimension to this work, tending towards separation from materiality. "

Daum, the legendary glassmaker master, has kept alive for more than a century a love relationship with the greatest artists of its time, giving their work of art a second life of crystal and colours. From the Ecole de Nancy, from Art Nouveau to Art Decoratif, from Majorelle to Dali, Arman and Hilton McConnico, Daum has not missed any of the magic rendez-vous of the artistic creation and modern savoir-faire, which has always renewed the alliance of art and art craft.

Few brands have worked with as many artists: for nearly 140 years, more than 350 exceptional signatures have constituted a heritage beyond compare, a unique collection.

How to convey those works into crystal sculptures? This is where Daum's secret lies, shaper of the exception, highly knowledgeable workshop, laboratory of wonders, designer of incomparable objects. All of the Daum pieces are lovingly hand produced in France, using traditional lost wax sculpting technique.