Halcyon Days Keep in touch Enamel Box
Halcyon Days Keep in touch Enamel Box
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Item# ENKIT0923G

A thoughtful Christmas gift reflecting warmth.

Designed for gifting and Christmas home decoration, this red-based masterpiece features a handmade wintry scene, capturing a little girl posting a letter in a snowy setting, accompanied by sage advice beneath the lid.

Meticulously hand-painted by Halcyon Days artisans, its intricate design is a testament to timeless craftsmanship, utilizing unique enamel paints.

Delivered in our iconic Halcyon Days box, this enamel treasure carries the spirit of the occasion.

Carefully honed by skilled craftsmen in England, each enamel box embodies meticulous handcrafting and ancient enameling techniques.

The "Keep In Touch Enamel Box" is more than a presentit's a keepsake that resonates with both sentiment and artistry, a perfect embodiment of the festive season's magic.


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