Halcyon Days We Three Kings Enamel Box
Halcyon Days We Three Kings Enamel Box
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Item# ENWTK1123G

A cherished Christmas gift and home adornment.

This blue-based, handcrafted masterpiece titled 'We Three Kings' portrays a majestic scene of the three kings meeting Christ amidst holly berries and garlands.

Elevate your gifting with this enchanting enamel box, perfect for the festive season.

Meticulously hand-painted by skilled Halcyon Days artisans, its intricate design is brought to life using unique enamel paints.

Delivered in our iconic Halcyon Days box, this enamel treasure embodies the essence of Christmas.

Carefully honed by skilled craftsmen in England, each enamel box reflects meticulous handcrafting and ancient enameling techniques, ensuring its timeless appeal.


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