Kosta Boda Pagod 8 7/8" Vase, Beige
Kosta Boda Pagod 8 7/8" Vase, Beige
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Size: 8 7/8" x 5 1/4"

Pagod is a stylish vase that brings you back to the 60s. The vase is mouth-blown by skilled glass blowers at the glass works in Kosta. The technique is called underlay, a multi-layer glass which means that clear glass lies like a casing over the stained glass and gives a beautiful and processed expression. The playful design is the work of Anne Nilsson. She is one of Swedens most important glass designers and can take advantage of the craftsmanship, the simple language and function in an extremely elegant way. This vase is designed to give cut flowers a beautiful expression.

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Gloriously girly in reds and pinks, these small sculptures make lovely decorative objects to add a splash of color to any display space or to grace a dressing table. Featuring Kosta Boda renowned designed Asa Jungnelius.(27 sec.)

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