Kosta Boda Crackle 8.25" Bowl, Clear
Kosta Boda Crackle 8.25" Bowl, Clear
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Size: W: 8.25" H: 6.25"

Crackle is a mouth-blown Collection with a distinctive, organic look. It is made using a technique in which hot glass is cooled in ice-cold water. The meeting of hot and cold produces a crackled surface, hence the name, Crackle - reminding us of the incredible power possessed by fire and water as natural elements. The pieces in this collection were meant to be used: for serving, for storage, for spending time with friends and family. Each piece in the collection can stand alone as a solo player, and they all work well together as a group. The Crackle collection celebrates cracks, beautifully preserved in glass. Like a moment paused in time, when the frozen ice has just cracked. "I have revealed the expressive shape of the clay. The convergence of hot glass and cold water creates a crackled finish. I wanted to create a surface reminiscent of frozen, crusted ice. A crunchy, crackling feel. The technique is old, but I use it in my own personal way. The Crackle serious is mouthblown in Kosta.

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Gloriously girly in reds and pinks, these small sculptures make lovely decorative objects to add a splash of color to any display space or to grace a dressing table. Featuring Kosta Boda renowned designed Asa Jungnelius.(27 sec.)

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