Kosta Boda Rocky Baroque Candlestick Lilac Haze Small
Kosta Boda Rocky Baroque Candlestick Lilac Haze Small
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Size: H: 3.7" W: 4.5"

Rocky Baroque is a rebellious take with ancient roots. Monumental contours meet raw, jagged surfaces in this collection of vibrant candle holders. The item from Kosta Boda resides in the borderlands between sculpture and utility object, a recurring theme in artist Hanna Hansdotter's design. Humor and irony are other tools used to interpret and challenge authoritarian principles. The result is its own genre Rocky Baroque.

Rocky Baroque Lilac Haze is handmade in Kosta, Sweden, and available in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

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Gloriously girly in reds and pinks, these small sculptures make lovely decorative objects to add a splash of color to any display space or to grace a dressing table. Featuring Kosta Boda renowned designed Asa Jungnelius.(27 sec.)

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