Kosta Boda Polar Votive Candleholder Clear, Single Small
Kosta Boda Polar Votive Candleholder Clear, Single Small
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Size: H 3.66" x W 3.86"

With roots in history and a long tradition of close collaboration with creative artists and designers, Kosta Boda has established a rich archive of personal and inspiring objects and functional items. Among iconic collections and distinctive designs, products with high integrity are hand-picked, as relevant today as when they were originally launched. Polar is the first collection launched from Open Archive. It was first created in 1974 as a gift to the Operahouse in Sydney. Göran Wärff created Polar with inspiration from landscape and ice. It is a collection of glass sculptures that also function as candle holders.

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Gloriously girly in reds and pinks, these small sculptures make lovely decorative objects to add a splash of color to any display space or to grace a dressing table. Featuring Kosta Boda renowned designed Asa Jungnelius.(27 sec.)

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