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Bertil Vallien
Celebrated internationally for his artistry and technical innovation, Bertil Vallien ranks among the superstars of Scandinavian design. Bertil, who has spent his entire professional career with Kosta Boda, received his formal art education at the Konstfack in his hometown, Stockholm, and studied on scholarship in the U.S. and Mexico.
Bertil works in a number of technique and often adds gold leaf and other non-glass materials to the finished piece and experiments with net and line effects. Bertil's works draw you into new dimensions of reality, playing with concepts of space and time, as he delights with his signature flying men, mysterious heads, imps and other fanciful creatures.
Lecturing and exhibiting throughout the world, Bertil is an ambassador for Kosta Boda and Swedish glass artistry. During the 1980's he was a guest lecturer at the Pilchuck Glass School Center in Washington state.
Products by Bertil Vallien
Brains Chateau
Chateau Blue

Days Satellite
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