Kosta Boda Poppy Votive, 4" Crystal Bowl
Kosta Boda Poppy Votive, 4" Crystal Bowl
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Size: H: 3 1/2" x W: 4"

Kosta Boda skilled glassworkers make Poppy series by hand in Kosta using lead-free crystal. First, three color rods are melted together to form the hub of what will then be blown into a Crystal Bowl, Crystal Vase or dish. The molten glass is caught on the pipe in two batches, building up the parison that will be blown up. the characteristic small bubbles of the series are created after the first gather, and after the second, the glass body is attached to a new pope, giving the product its stand and the glass. The poppy is associated with Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility and the harvest.

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